Got a handle on those pesky black mould spots?

MOULD LOVES damp, cool, still air. It also loves to feed and expand on sources like cotton (backs of curtains), leather – your handbags and your leather shoes (nooooooo!), window sills, shower silicone, ceilings and dust.

Preventing mould in your home involves: -

  1. Eliminating or minimising sources of moisture
  2. Using a dehumidifier in damper areas of your home
  3. Insulating and heating your home
  4. Preventing air from getting trapped
  5. Cleaning regularly – preferably with natural products like our Tea-Tree spray
  6. Ventilating with open windows on sunny days.
  7. Popping a tub of our Tea-Tree evaporative gel open in problematic areas! 😊 

The main sources of moisture in New Zealand homes are cooking, showering, airing washing indoors, using un-flued gas heaters, and – for homes with raised timber floors – rising damp. 

More tips on minimising mould in our next blog! Ps…. Summer isn’t a myth.

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Taari Nicholas says:

How long will the 4kg bucket contents last if the lid is sealed tight?
Thank You

Taari Nicholas

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