"Hi, absolutely loving my gorgeous white diffuser. Been using demineralised water from Repco. The blue and purple lighting are my favs. A friend spotted one just like this in a pharmacy for $75!! Have tea tree evaporates in every room almost. We had some flooding back in May and quite a bit of black mound appeared around aluminum window frames. My husband cleaned these recently and your fab products should keep the mould away now. Thanks, Meg."

- Megan Fielding

August 2018 via Email

"I have been a client of Deborah for several years and have never doubt or dull moments. Deborah offers top notch products for the environment and inner health most importantly safe to all ages. 

Deborah is very patient to her customers and prospects, she always takes time to explain her products with great integrity and is intuitive to all questions and situations / challenges. I trust and rely on Deborah 's services and products that will uplift my quality of life."

- Cheng Ooi

July 2018 via Email

Anahata Yoga Retreats Golden Bay New Zealand
Cheng Ooi

"Thank you for this most wonderful Tea Tree product that works a treat on the plastic rim around the bottom of the shower door, it is a very tight space and hard to clean.

Well, I sprayed on Clean Fresh Air and slid a cloth along and all the black mould immediately was released onto the cloth.

I am so happy with this product and it smells very natural and fresh, easy on my breathing with no chemicals.

Kind regards

- Elizabeth Eames

May 2017 via Email

"Dear Clean Fresh Air Naturally;
I love this product – the EAS tea tree oil vapour from the dispenser, (as it quietly whirs away), has a lovely fresh and natural scent without being obtrusive.

I also use the 230gm tubs where there is air flow (air-con etc.) as I live in a bush environment, and it is keeping the mould at bay.

An unexpected benefit is that, my usual asthma wheeziness when the cold weather commences, has not happened this year.
Kind regards,
Pete Blunden"

- Peter Blunden

June 2017 via Email

Blunden Electronics

Eagle Air has been using the air-purifying products from ‘Clean Fresh Air’ since July 2016. As a company specialising in air conditioning service, maintenance and repairs, our clients have loved the fresh smell of the Tea-Tree spray and gel.

- Jacques Roos

January 2021 via Google

Eagle Air
Jacques Roos

I am using the EAS spray in my washing machine to eliminate the black bits that build up on the rubber seal, it is a Bosch front loader and the front rubber holds some moisture.

It appears less black bits now, yay!!!

Also, the little black midges that appear on the bathroom ceiling seem less as well from the medium evaporative EAS.

I have a well ventilated bathroom and no damp.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead.

Kindest Wishes

- Elizabeth Eames

November 2016 via Email

Rangatira Ski Club has been using Environmental Air Solutions (Clean Fresh Air) products throughout the 2015 season in both our drying rooms and boot lockers.  We have been delighted with its success as it has diffused the smell of odorous ski and snowboard boots and socks, creating a lovely scent of Tea-tree.

Knowing it is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and stops the growth of mould we will definitely be hapy to continue using this product.

I can highly recommend this product.

- Jane Wimsett, President

September 2015 via Email

Rangatira Alpine Sports Club
Jane Wimsett, President

Monty’s has been using this gel in our office for nearly a year and we’ve noticed a marked decrease in staff sick days. We also use the liquid spray on hour heat pump filters. We highly recommend that you contact Deb today to see what products she can offer for your home and business to keep the dangerous mould spores away.

- Louise Allnutt, Managing Director

July 2019 via Email

Louise Allnutt, Managing Director