"I have been successfully using a range of Clean Fresh Air Tea Tree products since 2016 and continue to enjoy the excellent benefits daily."

- Elizabeth Eames

Soothe the Sole
Elizabeth Eames

"Eagle Air has been using the air-purifying products from ‘Clean Fresh Air’ since July 2016. As a company specialising in air conditioning service, maintenance and repairs, our clients have loved the fresh smell of the Tea-Tree spray and gel. "

- Jacques Roos

Eagle Air
Jacques Roos

"I have been a client of Deborah for several years. Deborah offers top notch products for the environment and inner health most importantly safe for all ages. "

- Cheng Ooi

Anahata Yoga Retreats Golden Bay New Zealand
Cheng Ooi

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Come and visit us at the North Shore H&G Show!

Come and visit us at the North Shore H&G Show!

Exhibiting at the North Shore Home & Garden show 9-11th April 2021.  If you would like free tickets, let us know.  Looking forward to presenting new oils, a USB car/office diffuser and of course our wonderful air-purifying products.  Specials on offer.  I look forward to meeting some of you again....

Mar 05, 2021