"I have been successfully using a range of Clean Fresh Air Tea Tree products since 2016 and continue to enjoy the excellent benefits daily."

- Elizabeth Eames

April 2020 via Email

Soothe the Sole
Elizabeth Eames

"Eagle Air has been using the air-purifying products from ‘Clean Fresh Air’ since July 2016. As a company specialising in air conditioning service, maintenance and repairs, our clients have loved the fresh smell of the Tea-Tree spray and gel. "

- Jacques Roos

January 2021 via Google

Eagle Air
Jacques Roos

"I have been a client of Deborah for several years. Deborah offers top notch products for the environment and inner health most importantly safe for all ages. "

- Cheng Ooi

Anahata Yoga Retreats Golden Bay New Zealand
Cheng Ooi

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Protect your curtains

Protect your curtains

Winter condensation on our windows is upon us. Prevent mould spots on the backs of your curtains. Our hydrosol TTO spray kills mould spores instantly! Leaves no oil spots as this product is harnessed from the steam produced whilst making melalauca alternafolia oil (Tea Tree). (Note; this doesn't remove stains,...

Apr 26, 2024