Delivery under lock-down still available

As a home-based business, we can still fulfill orders using contactless courier delivery.

Protect yourselves in your homes using our proven air-purifying gel and spray. With all the recent rain and inevitable condensation, both seen and unseen, it is important to create a healthy home to enable healthy lungs.

Keep safe, kia kaha. - Deborah

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Mouldy shoes

Mouldy shoes
Have you ever gone into your wardrobe and dug out those winter leather boots/converse sneakers/winter pumps only to find a coating of mould?  It is pretty horrifying.  Especially if not easily wiped off.  Don't do that BTW.  All those spores will just release into the air and affect your lungs.  First solution:  Grab those shoes - spray lightly with our liquid spray and leave for 2 hrs plus.  Then clean with a brush or wipe clean and feel safe knowing the spores are dead and not going into your lungs.  Put leather-conditioner/nugget on your boots and buff to a shine.Second solution:  Maintain your wardrobe with our fan dispenser which comes with two 100gm tubs of air-purifying gel that will out-last winter.  Kills spores.
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As winter approaches you will be looking towards keeping your home and work environment as healthy as possible.

For the FIRST TIME – we are of offering a 10% discount off ALL our product range.  This is available until the end of June. 

We have NZ Bio-grow certified Hand Sanitiser which incorporates Tea Tree Oil, Lemon and Calendula oil. Great for sensitive skin.

Use our innovative 100% natural gel that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.  At this time, it is a key essential product to include in your space. Put Tea Tree oil in your diffuser, spritz our spray and wipe surfaces. 

Keep cozy and healthy this winter.

Cheers Deb

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