STOP the growth of mould and bacteria indoors. 

Clean Fresh Air is a 100% natural, self evaporating product that incorporates the amazing antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Tea Tree Oil.

Place your container of Environmental Air Solutions - Clean Fresh Air - Evaporative gel on a flat surface indoors.  Once the container seal is removed, the controlled release of Tea Tree Oil vapour acts as your own personal germicide which attacks and structurally damages the cell wall and membrane of any mould and bacteria you may be breathing whilst indoors. 

Try our spray product!  This is wonderful to spray down smelly plug holes, showers (as a mould inhibitor), window-frames, shoe storage areas, yoga mats etc and neutralises offensive smells.

Made from pharmaceutical grade Australian Tea Tree Oil which is proven to kill stubborn germs like staphylococcos aurus (Golden Staph) Escherischia coli (Ecoli), Legionella ssp and Aspergillus niger (Black mould).

How is our time spent?

You spend 89.5% of your time indoors. Microbial pollution involves hundreds of species of bacteria and fungi (mould) that grow indoors when sufficient moisture is available. Exposure to microbial contaminants is clinically associated with respiratory symptoms, allergies, asthma and immunological reactions.

Here’s our mould experiment which demonstrates the results


Stop mould and fungi growth

Mould and fungi cause ill health when inhaled.

We took a slice of bread and cut into 4 pieces. We then placed each piece of bread into 2 separate containers.  The container on the right hand side has NO 'Clean Fresh Air' product in it.  30 days later and stored in temperatures that ranged between 16c and 30c you can clearly see the growth of mould and fungi!  The container on the left hand side has only 5 grams of 'Clean Fresh Air' gel near the bread.

Where is the mould and fungi? There is none!

Why? Because 'Clean Fresh Air' has STOPPED it from even beginning to grow.

Where can 'Clean Fresh Air' be used?

The applications are endless but  here are just a few examples: 

Bathrooms - bedrooms - lounge rooms - cupboards - linen closets - toilets - offices - boat cabins - launches - super yachts - caravans - campervans - cars - gym lockers - classrooms - aged care facilities - gymnasiums - motor homes - saunas - basements - storage facilities - libraries - leaky homes

Staphylococcos Aurus (Golden Staph)

Indoor mould and fungi growth