Spring is here!

Spring is here!

So good to know we can open our windows now and let fresh dry air in to ventilate our homes.  We spend nearly 90% of our time indoors, so indoor air quality is becoming increasingly recognised as a contributing factor in health.  Tip for today; houseplants such as spider plants and peace lilies act as living air purifiers, so bring nature indoors!  Look for us in the latest Spring edition of Living with Allergies magazine.

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Got a handle on those pesky black mould spots?

MOULD LOVES damp, cool, still air. It also loves to feed and expand on sources like cotton (backs of curtains), leather – your handbags and your leather shoes (nooooooo!), window sills, shower silicone, ceilings and dust.

Preventing mould in your home involves: -

  1. Eliminating or minimising sources of moisture
  2. Using a dehumidifier in damper areas of your home
  3. Insulating and heating your home
  4. Preventing air from getting trapped
  5. Cleaning regularly – preferably with natural products like our Tea-Tree spray
  6. Ventilating with open windows on sunny days.
  7. Popping a tub of our Tea-Tree evaporative gel open in problematic areas! 😊 

The main sources of moisture in New Zealand homes are cooking, showering, airing washing indoors, using un-flued gas heaters, and – for homes with raised timber floors – rising damp. 

More tips on minimising mould in our next blog! Ps…. Summer isn’t a myth.

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How dangerous is mould? What can you do to stop mould?

So, your home has suffered some leaks, maybe total flooding, or maybe you have a damp/musty room. What are the real risks and what can you do about it now when getting a new kitchen installed or a builder available to do repairs has a wait list of up to six months!

First of all, let’s see what mould spores actually do to you; the World Health Organisation (WHO) specifically mentions a pneumonia-like illness and brain-bleeds as being a particular condition that arises from mould exposure along with a huge host of terrifying health complaints. The WHO also states that children are particularly susceptible to mould and its effects due to the way mould specifically attacks rapidly growing lung tissue.

When authorities talk about homes, they mainly talk about moisture – not mould. If they do approach mould they say things like “mould causes asthma, respiratory issues and occasionally other things.” Mould is painted as an irritant and little more. This is terribly misleading according to recent studies and educational material produced by the World Health Organisation. Most people who see mould in their homes would be shocked to know that mycotoxins are so dangerous they can be refined and used as chemical warfare agents.

What can you do?

In addition to visible mould, other signs of damp problems may include: mould odour, water stains, frequent condensation, peeling or cracked paint or wall paper, damp basement, and standing water under or around the house.

There are several practicable measures you can take to prevent or minimize indoor mould. These include adequately heating and, in colder climates, insulating your home to reduce air humidity levels and condensation.  On sunny days especially, open windows as much as practical, consider installing a heat pump and use a dehumidifier, particularly in areas where water vapour may be emitted such as bathrooms and laundries.  Position our Tea Tree gel units (with fan dispenser) in particularly bad spots as the natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of our top-quality Tea Tree Oil acts as your natural defence to mould spores.  Tea Tree vapour breaks down the molecular wall structure of the mould spore, stopping mould from taking hold.

If you find visible mould in your home, remove the mould safely; wear a mask, use our Tea Tree solution and spray the affected area. Return after a couple of hours to wipe away the ‘dead’ mould or hoover carpet and identify and address the cause of the excess moisture.  You may need to throw away absorbent materials such as carpets, depending on the level of contamination.

Although those with pre-existing allergies or asthma are at greater risks, mould can also cause health effects in otherwise healthy people. So, measures to prevent or reduce mould exposure are important to everyone.




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Flooded Homes

Our thoughts go out to the residents of Edgecumbe battling to restore possessions and their flooded homes.  I know that mould and bacteria will be of huge concern.  If you know of anyone in this position directly, please let them know about 'Clean Fresh Air'.  Spraying our solution on all surfaces will kill the spores within 2 hours.  Wear a mask as much as practically possible.  Mould can make you very sick, especially when in concentrated areas.
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SOB. Holidays are coming to an end :-(

2017 - Happy New Year to all my followers and customers.  Mould is probably the last thing on your minds, however those semi used spare fridges would like a wee spray of our wonderful Tea-Tree solution to stop those yucky black dots attack your silicone and seals, as well as thinking about your baches and campervans. Humidity does breed mould too, so keep your home well aired and consider our evaporatives to pop into corners and shelves to keep air-borne bacteria at bay.  :-)
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Baby Show follow-up - Free 50gms

Baby Show follow-up - Free 50gms

Here is a quick blog to all readers that came to the Baby Show (and my loyal customers). For orders placed up to the 31st October over $35, we will supply a free 50gm tub of our unique evaporative gel.  This is perfect for your car, a musty cupboard, small bathroom/toilet etc.  Go on, your home deserves a treat.

Also just putting this out there - I only have 180 in stock.  This size is now discontinued so when these go, they are gone forever.  

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A new Clean Fresh Approach

A new Clean Fresh Approach
We are rebranding our name from Environmental Air Solutions to Clean Fresh Air!  This is simply to help our customers find us and remember us more easily.  Along with this we will be introducing new and exciting products to the Clean Fresh range over time; all with 'natural and organic' reliability.  Protect the air you breathe naturally - with Clean Fresh Air - made by Environmental Air Solutions.
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Green Living Show

Great show, amazing exhibitors (us of course), sensational seminars and fabulous food.  Thanks to all who visited our stand and heard our story, saw our little science petri containers of mouldy bread versus EAS - Clean Fresh Air and decided to try our product for themselves.  I'm sure you will be very happy and I welcome all comments and feedback.  Looking forward to the next show already.

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