If you are introducing 'Clean Fresh Air' into the area you are occupying through our fan dispenser or an air conditioning or Heat Ventilatiing system, the right sized container will last for a minimum of 1 month.  It will not only kill all the nasties inside your air-conditioner, but will also disperse the product into the air as the conditioner blows air through the system. If you place your container of 'Clean Fresh Air' on a shelf and the room it is in has a slight amount of forced air flow (cross ventilation through open windows) your container will last 2-3 months.

Did you see the mouldy bread picture?  We took a slice of fresh bread and cut it in half.  We then placed each piece of bread into 2 separate containers.  The container on the left hand side has NO 'Clean Fresh Air' product in it.  30 days later and stored in temperatures that ranged between 16c and 30c you can clearly see the growth of mould and fungi!  The container on the right hand side has only 5 grams of 'Clean Fresh Air' gel along with the bread (it is a bit dried out though).  Where is the mould and fungi?? there is none.... why??? It is because 'Clean Fresh Air' has STOPPED it from even beginning to grow.