Do you have a Healthy Home?

With the wet weather and cold snap nearly over now is the time to look at the health of your home:

  • Do you have black dots on your bathroom ceiling? (that equals mould)
  • Check plugholes, shower corners, window sills and window surrounds
  • Look for mould in overlooked areas (eg. backs of couches and curtains

How to fix:

  • Use our anti-mould air-purifying spray which kills mould spores, e-coli, golden staph and dust mites;
  • Put a long lasting tub of our unique evaporative gel in your bathroom and problem areas.
  • Open your windows and create air circulation
  • Refresh your wardrobe
  • Spring clean your bathroom

Scientifically tested using the unique properties of nature's own tea-tree oil - no chemicals!  Don't forget your office environment too.

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