Health Pack

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230gm Evaporative Gel

100ml Liquid Surface Spray

60ml Hand Sanitiser

1 bar Natural TTO Soap

10ml mini Liquid Surface Spray

TLC Balm

2 x Face Masks (free)

2 Pairs Surgical Gloves (free)

Our Clean Fresh Air evaporative gel can be placed above your heat pump or any nearby surface – e.g. home office desk. This will evaporate gently into the air and protect your lungs. As it evaporates, this kills aspergillus niger, golden staph, air-borne bacteria and E-Coli. 100% natural.

Our ‘Clean Fresh Air’ liquid surface spray kills 99.9% of bacteria. Use this when wiping down all surfaces and bench tops, including cutting boards. The mini spray is great to keep in your car.

Our ‘True Blue’ Hand Sanitiser is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Biogro certified and laboratory tested. Paraben, petrochemical and synthetic fragrance free.  Safe on sensitive skin.  Hand sanitisers usually contain at least 60-70% alcohol as an antimicrobial and drying agent. Tea Tree’s powerful antibacterial properties allow us to reduce the alcohol content to less than 30%. Adding lemon oil and our own organic moisturising Calendula oil we complement Tea Tree’s pleasant fragrance in a safe and natural fashion.

Our TLC Tea Tree Oil Balm with West Coast manuka honey & beeswax, calendula & Tea Tree oil. Superb for cuts and grazes, insect bites, chapped lips and cold sores. A natural must for your medical supplies. 30g in a stylish blue glass container.

 Please follow the NZ Ministry of Health guidelines for your continued protection