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Fresh Air :- A powerful air-freshener with a lively, clean fragrance that can also help lift the mood

Clove Bud :-  Disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties. First aid and oral health

Lavender True :-An exceptional natural healer and makes a wonderful first aid staple

Rose 3% :- Soothes the spirit, wonderful tonic for mature skin, exceptionally nourishing & hydrating

Breathe Easy :- Decongestant, calming and fortifying properties

Dream Time :- Optimum relax synergy with respiratory support to promote deep sleep process

Life Lift :- Fresh, uplifting oils with gentle balancing qualities

Sinus Clear :- Powerful cleansing oils to help clear congestion & release painful pressure

Stress Less :- Aids relaxation, helps reduce anxiety, promotes natural calm & clarity

Twinkle Star :- Baby-friendly, helps clear congestion, aids calm relaxation with comforting sleep time aroma

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